The 20 Most Terrifying Places In The World

Château de Brissac

Despite its physical beauty and location in the breathtaking Loire region, Château de Brissac has a long and bloody history. Stories of murder and betrayal within the castle are rife and visitors often hear blood curdling screams echoing through the corridors.

Kloster Obernzell

With a history tied up in witch trials, the Kloster Obernzell convent in Germany is a seriously spooky place to visit. Most famously, a former nun was tried and convicted of witchcraft and can still be seen traipsing through the corridors of the old convent.

Lawang Sewu

Indonesian detention camp Lawang Sewu was one of the most brutal in the world when it was in use. Prisoners were interrogated, tortured and even killed in the prison walls. The place is so scary, in fact, that it has played as the setting for a horror film and hosts many tourist groups today, looking for a good scare.

Banff Springs Hotel

A luxury hotel in some of the most picturesque surroundings, you would be forgiven for assuming that the Banff Springs hotel is a nice place to visit. The building is still plagued by sightings of a family murdered in room 873 and, although the bedroom has since been bricked up, the place still feels very eerie indeed.