Stephen Colbert And Emily Blunt Hilariously Reenact A Classic By Fake Vomiting


Stephen Colbert has been killing it as the new host of ‘The Late Show’ and his guests so far have been equally entertaining to watch. Emily Blunt and Stephen Colbert shared a hilarious segment in an episode this past week, a segment that was centered around their mutual love for vomiting.

Emily Blunt has been on quite a roll too, with her first-class performance in ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ putting her in the front-runner position to play ‘Captain Marvel’. She also has quite a sense of humor, which is evident from the multiple viral video wars she participated in with husband John Krasinski against funny man Jimmy Kimmel. She also apparently shares a love for fake gagging, just like Stephen Colbert. The two went about trying to re-create the ending of ‘Gone With The Wind’ while continuously attempting to keep their lunches down, leading to a hilarious video that is definitely worth a watch.