Fifteen Adorable Animals Feeling the Festive Spirit

Tis the season to be jolly (tra lalalala lala la la). Christmas is getting ever closer, and most of us are embracing the holiday spirit, drinking coco, wearing gaudy sweaters, and wrapping up presents. There are of course, some of us who maybe take things a little too far, and force our animals to join in one all the festive fun by dressing them up in a number of strange outfits, or getting them in on the Christmas fun in other ways. Still, no matter what you think of it, it’s undeniably adorable. Take a look at this cracking Christmas selection…

I Hate You

This poor, poor pooch is looking like he’ll never trust another living soul again. Just look at the hatred burning in those squinted eyes. Oh, the humanity of it all. We actually tried to dress up a dog we met on the street like Rudolph, but he bit us, and then his owner attacked us with her handbag. That’s what we get for trying to bring a little Christmas spirit into the world (that story was made up, don’t worry, we don’t actually condone attempting to dress up any animal without their consent).

Early Christmas Presents

This fat cat couldn’t wait till Christmas to see what he’d gotten. And then he went and opened everyone else’s presents too. By the looks of it, he might well have eaten the contents of each and every present under the tree, regardless of whether it was food or not. Just look at the expression on that face. That is undoubtedly a cat who has been caught in the act and is ashamed at what he’s done. But then again, that’s the default expression for cats.