20 Weird And Unusual Restaurants From Around The World

Eating out at restaurant is a luxury for many people. There are normal restaurants and then there are some really weird and unusual ones all throughout the world. Although the normal ones are nice to eat in, the weird ones give us a different perspective of the world. Many times, people even have parties at their favorite restaurant. Everyone already knows about all the normal ones in the world but have you heard of a restaurant made out of ice? Here are 20 weird restaurants from around the world.

Devil Island Prison Restaurant

Ever wanted to be handcuffed before taken to your table at a restaurant? The Devil Island Prison Restaurant in China does just that. They wanted their customers to experience what a life of crime would lead them to, to scare them away from ever doing anything to go to prison. First they handcuff you and lead you to your table where you are then served fried bread in the shape of a coffin. As you are sitting at your table, you have prison bars all around you and the wait staff are clothed in black and white striped jumpsuits. If you don’t believe they get many customers, thing again because people actually do eat here. Wow!

Calico Cat Café

The Calico Cat Café in Tokyo is a restaurant where you get to play with cats while you eat. This may sound weird but many people in Tokyo don’t have cats as pets so this café opened up to provide you with a kitty companion while you eat and sip tea. Also, the staff watches you to make sure you treat the cats with respect. They also give the customers complimentary bags of dried cat food to lure the kitty of your choice to your table so you can play with the cat while you dine.

A-380 in Flight Kitchen

Do you like airplane food and can’t get enough of it but you don’t want to go through airport security and wait in long lines to get it anytime you want? Well, the A-380 in Flight Kitchen in Taipei provides you with a unique dining experience that allows you to feel like you are eating on an airplane from the luggage compartments right down to the seating that looks like airplane seating. Although you don’t get to experience flying on an airplane while you eat, you do get to choose more than just chicken and fish for your meal.

Ice Restaurant

The Ice Restaurant in Dubai will give you a unique experience because the whole restaurant is made from ice. Right down to the very plates you eat off of and the glasses you drink out of. Even the benches and tables are made from ice. Although this restaurant is in Dubai, the technical inputs came from Canada-based Iceculture, Inc. The bar where the drinks are served is even made from ice. Talk about unique!