20 Turtles Pictures That Will Make You Laugh With Joy

Turtles are known as those little shelled animals that move at an unhurried pace, but just because these reptiles like to take it slow doesn’t mean they don’t have character and vibrancy. From the silly YouTube videos with millions of views to the adorable memes that can make anyone laugh ’til they burst, turtles command a lot of attention from the world and rightfully so. Lots of animals can be cute and hilarious at the same time, but none of them can touch how darling and funny turtles are.

Albino Cutie

So many think it’s a real bummer to be different like this little albino guy. If he only knew how precious he was, maybe he wouldn’t frown so much.


Some turtles have to learn ninjutsu with nunchucks and wear and orange mask to look cool. But apparently, some turtles are just born looking awesome and amazingly colorful.

Best Friends Forever

With their tough shells and their scaly skin, turtles don’t seem like the most cuddly animals at first. It seems though that at least one happy seal has a different opinion about that.

Mighty Tiny

Unlike with frogs, kissing a turtle won’t turn him into a handsome prince. It doesn’t matter though – some of them are just so darn cute you’ll want to kiss them no matter what.