20 Times People Were Accidentally Racist

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As a general rule, racism should not be a laughing matter, especially when taking into consideration all of the horrible things that have happened in the last few months surrounding the topic of racism. However, there are occasions when it just so happens that people make genuine mistakes. These mistakes sometimes result in things like racist signs, news articles, or pictures, and while they are entirely accidental — and not intended to be offensive or racist, they are pretty funny.

This Team Picture

Certainly, this was accidental, but it looks really terrible.

Unfortunate Directions

There is no getting around this one… That’s pretty bad.

Vanilla and Chocolate

Hopefully this has nothing to do with skin color, and everything to do with shirt sizes!

Burlington Mall Sign

One can only hope that Black’s is the name of a store. But then comes the question… who would name their store Black’s?

Cross Country

This isn’t at all offensive. Just kidding, yes it is.

White President’s Day

This kid genuinely just wanted more snow.

Disney Dig’n’Dips

There is no way that this wasn’t intentional.

CCBC Advertising

This picture looks harmless at first glance. But then you realize that he’s putting the keyboard into his jacket, making it look like he’s trying to steal it.

Just For Men

“Why?” is the only thing that comes to mind.

Cereal Flavors

One can only hope that these marketing photos were unintentional…

Black, Yellow, Brown, Or Normal

This is the most absurd advertisement ever.

Black Holiday Shoppers

“Black Friday” is a terrible excuse for a holiday. News corporations around the U.S. should agree to never call it “Black Holiday” again.

Blacks For Sale

This is terrible advertising at its finest.

Racist Camera

The camera just doesn’t get it.

Whites Only

Thank God that this is just for laundry!

Asian Foods, Hispanic Foods, and Crackers

This could go so many different ways…

“Hole White World”

Genuine mistake, and also semi-cute.

White Power Accessories

Maybe next time, they’ll keep all the different colored power accessories in the same aisle.

This Bus

The artist probably didn’t intend for this to be racist, but many other people definitely noticed.

Black Family

Maybe their last name was Black?