20 Times Disney Broke Your Heart

Dumbo’s Mother

Disney loves to pull at its viewers heartstrings with terrible child/ parent separations. Watching Dumbo’s mother reach her trunk through the bars of her cage to hold her son one last time was one of the worst separations of all time.

Megara’s Sacrifice

When Meg leapt in front of a falling pillar to save her love, Hercules, we felt our hearts leap with fear. Luckily she survives, but watching her admit to Hercules that she loves him while being so gravely injured was still heartbreaking.

Triton’s Sacrifice

Another moment of sacrifice on behalf of someone other than the main character. Watching Triton sacrifice everything he had — his rule, power, and very body — to save his daughter from the same fate, was heart-wrenching.

Marlin’s Loss

We saw Marlin with it all: a wife, a home, and children on the way. It was all taken away from him in a single, heartbreaking moment that won’t be soon forgotten.