20 Plane Crashes That Left Us Bewildered

American Airlines Flight 587

November 12th, 2001 – Not long after the 9/11 attacks, Flight 587 from New York to Santo Domingo crashed after takeoff. A pilot error from overusing the rudder in response to turbulence caused the crash, resulting in 265 passengers losing their lives.

Korean Air Lines Flight 007

September 1st, 1983 – Flight 007 from Anchorage, Alaska to Seoul, South Korea was shot down by a Soviet fighter jet when the plane went through restricted Soviet airspace. Sadly, 269 people aboard the plane lost their lives due to this attack.

Lockerbie Bombing

December 21st, 1988 – A bomb aboard Pan Am Flight 103 from London to New York City detonated. The plane crashed into a field in Lockerbie, Scotland. In total, 281 people died; eleven on the ground and 270 aboard the plane — two Libyan nationals were convicted.

Ermenonville Air Disaster

A Moroccan baggage handler was incapable of reading proper latching instructions in English or Turkish on the Turkish airlines plane. Flight 981, thanks to a blown baggage latch, crashed into Ermenonville forest near Paris, France — 346 people lost their lives.