20 Of The Ugliest Animals On Earth

There are some animals around the world that can be considered some of the cutest, the friendliest, or just the downright most amazing. Unfortunately, for every incredible animal, there is also one that is far too ugly to ever be a pet within a normal household. These are the type of animals that you run from when you see them slinking around in the forest, the plains, the water, or just about anywhere else. The things of nightmares do live on our planet sometimes.


The Chikilidae is one of the ugliest species to grace our planet. The majority can be found around India, but some have been found elsewhere, too. The mother, which is shown here, is said to encircle her eggs for two to three months, foregoing all food during this time.

Oriental Yeti

If you ever thought the Yeti was imaginary, think again. The Oriental Yeti is a hairless beast that sounds more like a cat, has a tail like a kangaroo, no fur, and could possibly be the very last of its kind. The creature was given a nickname after its capture in Sichuan Province in China on April 5th, 2010.

Soft-Shell Turtle

Turtles are generally cute, but this soft-shell turtle is far from it. With an elongated nose, a soft shell, and eyes that appear almost dead, this turtle is more hideous than adorable. If you see this one crawling around, perhaps it’s better to avoid it than to pet it.

Celestial Eyed Gold Fish

Gold fish are another species that appear rather adorable, but this particular variety is a bit scary. The eyes puff outward, allowing the fish to see in different directions. The eyes of the young tend to appear normal, but as they age they push out further.