20 Of The Silliest Inventions Ever Made

With the popularity of Shark Tank on ABC, it seems like more and more people are trying to come up with new inventions that they can market to people. While some of them come up with amazing ideas and their products are something people need, there are also some crazy ideas out there and things that people do not need! With that being said, we came up with a list of 20 of the most useless inventions ever made. Would you ever purchase any of these things?

Computer Privacy Scarf

If you have something that private to hide, you may want to reconsider what you are looking at online! This is just creepy and makes you look so scary.

Potty Putter

No one should be sitting on the toilet long enough where they could start working on their golf game. It is time to wipe and move on!

Pizza Fork

This is supposed to make it easier to cut your pizza, but who is using a fork to eat pizza to begin with? You eat it with your hands — stop trying to be proper!

Remote Wrangler

For those people that always lose their remotes, we have the Remote Wrangler. It is like a ski mask, but you can stick your remotes to it. You wouldn’t look creepy at all wearing this, right?