20 Of The Most Well-Known Urban Legends

HIV Spread From A Syringe

This myth has created mass hysteria and numerous people at one time were informed that they were infected with HIV after being stuck with a needle. However, research has indicated that the HIV virus will not live outside the body for more than a few minutes. For this reason, it is highly unlikely that someone will catch HIV from a syringe.

10 Percent Of Brain Usage

Are you using your brain to its fullest capacity? Psychics and those that believe in paranormal activities started the myth claiming that people only use 10 percent of their brain, while the other 90 percent remains inactive. However, this information has not been substantiated by scientific evidence.

The Kidney Heist

This urban legend stems from the belief that people who travel alone are approached by strangers. The strangers invite the solitary traveler to join them to eat or have a drink. Then sometime the next day the traveler wakes up in pain and finds out they have had the kidney taken out. However, these kidney heists have never been confirmed.

Dissolving Coke

The myth is that Coca-Cola Coke can dissolve almost anything including teeth. Although, some of the ingredients in coke are considered acidic, soft drinks have very low acid content. For this reason, Coke doesn’t have the ability to dissolve much of anything.