20 Of The Craziest Video Games Ever Made

Typing of the Dead

A mod of the popular arcade game House of the Dead 2, Typing of the Dead released in 1999. Instead of using a plastic gun controller to aim at the zombies and blow off their heads as in the original game, the new version followed a slightly different route. The characters were all equipped with keyboards and the player would have to type words and phrases that appeared on screen accurately and as quickly as possible to kill the zombie hordes.

Samurai Zombie Nation

Samurai Zombie Nation, or just Zombie Nation if you go by the label on the cartridge, is an action game that released in 1990 for the NES. Even in the early 90’s, zombie games were just as popular as they are now but this particular game was unlike anything else with the undead monsters in. You took on the role of the floating head of samurai warrior Namakubi as he attempts to destroy an alien that has crashed into the earth and turned the entire population in zombies. To top off the craziness you actually kill enemies by firing eyeballs or vomit at them.

Petz Dogz Fashion

Plenty of young girls are into fashion and the Nintendo DS had some successful pet simulators, so it must have made sense to the developers behind Petz Dogz Fashion to combine the two concepts into one bizarre game. Gameplay revolves around dressing up dogs, buying new accessories, creating new clothing, and entering competitions against the computer to prove just how fashionable you and your dog are.

Mister Mosquito

Mister Mosquito is almost exactly what you might imagine a game with that name would be. The 2002 PlayStation 2 title puts the player in the role of a large mosquito who must travel around sucking up blood from unsuspecting victims, without waking them up or being killed. You need enough blood to survive the long cold winter or else the eponymous ‘hero’ will die. Who would have thought you could make a game about an insect that kills millions of people every year?