20 Mysteries Hidden in Our Deepest Oceans

The ocean is the single most massive entity encompassing the good majority of our planet. More people have stepped foot on the moon in the middle of space than have walked in the deepest portions of our oceans. That being said, humans have only explored about one percent of the seafloor. Mysteries abound in those hidden locales deep under the ocean blue. Here are 20 mysteries that science is having trouble explaining under the sea. These will make you wary of stepping foot in deep water the next time you’re on vacation.

Giant Oarfish

The giant oarfish is thought to be the reason for most sea serpent sightings throughout history. These massive water-dwelling creatures can reach up to 36-feet in length, which is bigger than a shipping container. Previously, the oarfish was thought to be incredibly rare, but seems to be more common than scientists once thought.

Deepwater Photosynthesis

There is not a single shred of sunlight at the bottom of the ocean, so deepwater photosynthesis is a bit of a mystery. Some bacteria surrounding hydrothermal vents have managed to use photosynthesis to produce food for themselves. Scientists don’t know how this is possible still.

Vampire Squid

The vampire squid is an incredibly bizarre deepsea creature that is capable of producing its own illumination via glowing tentacle tips and spots on its sides. Should the creature be disturbed, the vampire squid will eject a spurt of ink than can glow in the dark.

Baltic Anomaly

The Baltic Anomaly is a completely unknown item deep within the Baltic Sea that is said to either by a pre-Ice Age artifact or part of a Nazi anti-submarine device. Whenever a diver gets too close, their equipment will cease to function within 650-feet. An impressive radio signal can be heard near the item, too.