20 Jaw Dropping Facts About Sharks

That’s Some Quality Leather

Unfortunately, due to the durability and toughness of their skin, some sharks are hunted down and killed. A shark’s skin can be used to make leather that is said to last four times as long as regular leather. Using a dead shark’s skin is one thing, but it doesn’t make it right to hunt down a shark for their skin. Unfortunately, we live in a world where this kind of thing is okay for some people.

Size Matters

Another amazing fact about sharks is how varied they are in size. You have the whale shark on one end of the spectrum which can get up to 50 feet long, and then you have the dwarf lantern shark which taps out at only seven inches long. And they say size doesn’t matter!

A Shark’s Worst Enemy

Imagine yourself stranded in the middle of the ocean, and from the corner of your eye you see a grey fin floating towards you in the water. What would you do? Did you bring your shark repellent? Probably not, but right now scientists are working on something that might work in that situation. The Moses sole fish releases a chemical that appears to ward off sharks, and scientists are hoping to utilize this chemical to make what is essentially shark repellent.


At one point in your life, you probably owned a shark tooth necklace. Sure, it looked cool and your friends probably wanted it, but all you did was wear it around your neck. Native Americans from Florida found a better use for them and used them as arrow heads for their bows. They primarily used the teeth of great whites due to the serrated edges.