20 Jaw-Dropping Action Movie Moments Of All Time

300 – The First Battle With The Persians

Although ‘300’ was primarily shot using green-screen technology, you can’t help but be awe-struck at the brilliant use of colors and gore while portraying a brutal war scene between the Spartans and the Persians. The first encounter between the two armies in the film is probably its best action sequence as well.

Face Off – Final Face Off

This epic action film is loaded with quality moments but the finale has to easily take the cake for its sheer quality and entertainment value. It is a great pay off watching Nicholas Cage and John Travolta’s characters meet their eventual fate in one of the best shoot-out sequences in movie history.

The Matrix – Taking On Agent Smith

The Matrix is one of those films whose plotline allows room for some truly fantastical fight sequences. Watching ‘Neo’ take on an army of ‘Agent Smith’s’ is one of the most entertaining scenes to date.

Casino Royale – Opening Chase

Daniel Craig was provided the perfect opening sequence in order introduce the world to the new ‘James Bond’. This chase sequence was gritty, hands-on and even ugly at times, allowing Daniel Craig to show the world the kind of ‘Bond’ he intended on being.