20 Hilariously Cranky Notes Left By People Working In An Office

While we loved everything about The Office and Parks and Recreation and wished we worked with people like that, most of us working in an office don’t have the same experiences. Whether it is someone stealing your food in the refrigerator or someone taking too long in the bathroom, there is always that person in the office that annoys the heck out of everyone. Their coworkers have had enough and voiced their opinions in these hilarious notes!

Canadians Don’t Mess Around

Those Canadian sure are tough! Dylan is sick of people touching his stuff, so he is going to drown you in maple syrup if you touch it again. We might touch it just to see this happen!

Follow The Rules

If women are going to demand that guys put down the toilet seat after using it, then men should be able to make the same demands in their bathroom, right? And why are the ladies using the men’s restroom?

Get Out Of The Bathroom

It looks like the people in this office have eaten some bad food or something. They all need to use the toilet, but everyone is taking too long!


Parkour is training based on a military obstacle course and has you using your own body to move from Point A to Point B. It can be very dangerous, as this person was very aware of!