20 Hilarious Items Sold On Late-Night Television

Tiddy Bear

Ladies, if you ever find your chest growing increasingly more uncomfortable while driving due to the rough nature of the seat belt, look no further! The Tiddy Bear attaches to the belt to comfort your bosom.


Sure, you can be a messy person and generally go out in public. However, some people take it a step further by drooling down the front of their shirt while driving. The Slobstopper will prevent any stains from your drool and mess.

Kush Support

A lot of people sleep on their side at night, and a lot of those people are women. Women have large chests sometimes, and that means sleeping without support is just downright painful. The Kush Support will support your breasts so you can wake up relaxed and without chest pain.

Fresh Foam

Off-brand toilet paper can sometimes be scratchy and hard to use. Fresh Foam can sometimes help by moistening the toilet paper before use. It doesn’t clog the drain and it doesn’t disintegrate the paper.