20 Hilarious And Classic Pranks To Mix Things Up

What are friends for? Well, that’s definitely an open-ended question with many possible answers. Friends are many things. We can sit, hear and philosophize until tears form in our eyes—but let’s skip all that and get to the fun stuff. Friends are sometimes for pranking. The following list comprises a plethora of pranks, some of which take minimal effort to execute, and others that require planning, patience, and determination. You’ll certainly recognize the classics alongside some others that are quite fresh.

Windows Start-Up Sounds

You’ll have to sneak on to your buddy’s computer for this one. Did you know computers have all sorts of various start-up sounds? They do. When your buddy is not around, log on to his computer and pick a sound that is particularly sharp or harsh (the gun-shot sound is preferable!) and then crank up the volume on his speakers. Find a stealthy hiding spot, and then wait and watch.

Mentos In Coke

You might want to save this prank for a friend who doesn’t take his caffeine addiction too seriously. CAUTION: consider this a volatile experiment that requires finesse! Place Mentos in a bottle of soda and quickly put the cap back on because once you insert the Mentos, a volcanic eruption is soon to follow. Place the booby-trapped soda back in the fridge. When your friend takes a gulper, just be sure to be clear of the blast zone.

Shaving Foam In The Hands

Get some shaving foam and something like a feather. Put some of the foam on a hand of a sleeping friend. With the feather, tickle your friend’s skin, and watch him slap himself with the shaving foam! Just be careful, this prank usually gets a prank war rolling.

Dead Thing In Cereal

Maybe lately you’ve been tired in the morning, and your friend or sibling is making things worse because they chomp on their cereal loudly and obnoxiously. Time to turn the tables! Get a fake spider or a fake dead animal and slip it into your victim’s favorite box of cereal. Just watch out: your victim may make a mess, or even puke.