20 Great Comedy Shows From The Past Decade

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Dark comedy managed to really hit its stride this past decade and one show managed to quickly become its poster child. ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ managed to change the very definition of funny by making us laugh using elements like ‘dying hooker’ and ‘constant backstabbing’. These quirky elements continue to remain the cornerstones of this game-changing dark comedy.

The Office

This was probably the first great ‘mockumentary’ series to captivate America and a major part of the credit goes to simple act of casting Steve Carell as the unbearable Michael Scott. He is probably the only person to be able to transfer the annoying idiosyncrasies first captured by Ricky Gervais in the British version of this series. An amazing support cast ensured that the show would live to see two more seasons even when Steve Carell left after season 7.


Another great adaptation of a U.K series, ‘Shameless’ used shock-and-awe to keep the audience hooked over many seasons. ‘The Gallagher’s’ are the toughest family on television right now and watching each member of the family evolve, and in some cases devolve, makes for an entertaining ride.

Broad City

Iiana Glazer and Abbi Jacobsen first made waves on YouTube by creating a web series that portrayed the lives of two young, free-spirited women living in New York. Their humor and observations were so spot-on that they quickly received a chance to create their own show on Comedy Central, where their idea continues to grow and shine week after week.