20 Ghost Photos That Will Keep You Awake At Night

Depending on your personal disposition, the following photos will either give you insomnia or make you chuckle. Also, most of the following pics have been inspected by experts to make sure they have remained unaltered. Some will make you scratch your head, and others will cause a tingly sense on the nape of your neck. Maybe you’ll start seeing things out of the corner of your eyes. But after all is said and done, we can only speculate upon the following photos, no matter what feelings they may inspire. One thing is certain, though: ghosts have a funny habit of photo-bombing the living.

Solway Firth Space Dude

On May 23, 1964, firefighter Jim Templeton of Cumberland took some photos of his family hanging out in the marsh. He claimed there was no one else around except for a couple of old ladies sitting in a car. He took this picture, and what’s more, Kodak later confirmed that this photo unaltered. If it is a space traveler, as many people believe, it definitely has a sense of humor: it pulled off one of the best photo-bombs of all time.

“I’m Just Here For The Party” Ghost

Two photos were taken back to back in a hotel in Austria sometime in 1988. A group of friends decided to to a farewell photo. A man in the group set his camera up with a timer, then rushed to sit back down. The camera clicked, but peculiarly the flash failed to go off. He repeated the process, and the camera functioned properly on this second attempt. Only when reviewing the film did they find an extra guest sitting at the table in the photo where the camera had malfunctioned.

Decebal Hotel

Authorities have warned the public to stay away from the hotel due to disrepair, but maybe they should be warned about the ghost! There had been rumors of a ghost resembling a woman wearing a white frock that is said to be protecting treasure buried under this Romanian hotel. This photograph, taken in 2008, was the first to capture the image of the rumored ghost lady and guardian.

Corroboree Rock

Taken in Alice Springs, Australia, in 1959. Some have argued this photo is a trick of the light or an example of double exposure. Whatever the case, the semi-transparent form of a woman is clearly present. People with more vivid imaginations have claimed the entity is a time traveler or interdimensional traveler.