20 Family Photo Fails That Will Make You Cringe

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In The Tree

We wonder how long it took them all to get up in that tree! Not sure what prompted them to hang out in a tree for the photo, but they look happy to be in it.

Cat And Dog

We are thinking this is for a Christmas card, with the red and green from the couple. However, they creepily stare at their pets and this is just so awkward looking.

Bird And Gun

People must like including pets in their photos, as they have the bird with them. No clue why the gun is there, but don’t mess with the bird or you’ll get shot?

Dad With Axe

There is way too much skin in this photo! It looks like the mom just took off her shirt and is wearing her bra for the photo. And why is the dad chopping off his daughter’s boob?


Speaking of boobs, we have this photo! The mother is putting her boobs out on display big time for this photo, but then the kid’s tongue was snapped perfectly to make this so awkward.

The Jean Family

There is a whole lot of denim in this photo! It looks like they are somewhere warm, especially with the palm tree behind them, so they must be sweating underneath all those jeans.

The Naked Family

On the other side of things, this family needs to borrow some of that denim! They all get naked for this photo and lay on top of each other. Where do all the private parts go?

Dog Fight

Like we said before, people sure like to include their pets in their photos. We get it, as pets are part of the family. However, these two dogs are definitely not liking each other or this photo idea!

Put Some Clothes On Mom!

They thought they would get a nice family photo together, but mom decided to wear her tight Santa dress and garter. We are not sure why she thought this was a good look, but the kids will regret it when they get older and see this.

Wedding Photo

This is a wedding we definitely wanted to be invited to. Not for the sights, but to understand why the groom is wearing a speedo instead of a tuxedo and the bride is wearing lingerie as a dress!


This photo screams 1980’s, so you can’t blame them, but it is still awkward. There is a lot of hair and a lot of prints in this one and we love it!


This couple should stop with the monkeys! It looks like they have a few too many to handle, but from the clothes on them, we think they get plenty of love.


This one is just too much for us to take in! Why do none of them have clothes on? Why is the child breastfeeding? What are they looking at? So many questions and we want answers.

Black Eye

This would be another one that we have so many questions for. We are guessing that the guy just determined that he is not the father of the baby, so some domestic violence happened. They couldn’t cancel the appointment and lose their deposit, so they took the photo…black eye and all!

Posing In Underwear

We are not sure if the lady in the middle is a girl or a guy because that is a whole lot of woman! She could definitely take her man and whip him around and that poor girl is going to be so screwed up when she gets older.

Dog Christmas Card

First of all, that man is so good-looking! Moving past that, look how awkward that dog is. With the sweater on, he looks so human-like and it is just creepy.

Naked Dad

This guy needs to borrow the sweater from that dog, as he forgot his clothes for this family photo! There must be a story behind this one, but how would you like to open your mail and see that as a Christmas card?

Natural Childbirth

This one just creeps us the heck out! The mother just had a natural childbirth and then the whole family joins her for a family photo! We want to gag just looking at it.

Animals Again

This photo is screaming the 1980’s also, but we are wondering if they were going for that vibe. The photo looks newer, so maybe she just grabbed some scrunchies and they purposely made the photo awkward.


Maybe this was supposed to be a photo for Easter, but even the bunnies made the list. The couple just looks weird together and the bunnies don’t help, so we had to include the photo!