20 European Travel Destinations For Backpackers

If you are planning a backpacking trip across Europe, this list was designed just for you! These destinations were chosen with the three B’s in mind: Budget, Beauty, and Beaches. The destinations selected for this list include rest stops in Bucharest, Kotor, Krakow, and Ibiza Beach.

Malta, Ibiza Beach, Tenerife, and Kotor are the favored beach destinations for backpackers on a budget. Bucharest is the cheapest backpacking destination while Paris is the most expensive to make the cut on this list; however, if you do your homework, Paris can surprisingly be an affordable destination as well. A European backpacking trip can be an exciting adventure in these 20 impressive locations!

Bucharest Is A Backpacker’s Delight

Bucharest, Romania, is not billed as a top tourist town for those not on a budget, but if you are backpacking and looking for a bargain, look no further than Old Town. It is estimated that you can spend a day in Bucharest and spend less than $30 for a bed and meals. The parliament building is one of Bucharest’s main attractions.

Kotor, Montenegro: Paradise Along The Gulf Of Kotor

Located in the Gulf of Kotor, the area is known for its rugged Mediterranean landscape. Typically, visitors arrive here via cruise ship, but it should be a favorite backpacking destination. There are plenty of medieval structures. Be sure to have your map handy, because the old city is built like a maze. If you make a wrong turn, you could wind up somewhere you never expected. And, expect it to be a challenge. The locals frequently make wrong turns!