20 Celebrities Who Have Committed Murder

Brandy Norwood

Singer and America’s Got Talent judge Brandy Norwood claimed that she had been responsible for a freeway pile-up that had caused the death of a civilian in 2006.

Duane “Dog” Champan

While Duane Chapman, most notably known for his lead role in Dog The Bounty Hunter, wasn’t directly involved in the murder of Jerry Oliver, he was still tried for the crime. In 1976, Dog waited in a car outside a known drug dealers house while his friend was inside purchasing marijuana for him. Things got heated, which resulted his friend shooting Oliver.

O. J. Simpson

After being arrested and tried for the murder of his wife and friend, O. J. Simpson was said to have literally gotten away with murder.

Johnny Lewis

Sons Of Anarchy star Johnny Lewis was convicted with not only breaking and entering but also murder — after breaking into an 81-year old lady’s home, murdering her and her beloved pet cat.