20 Bizarre Pieces Of Furniture You Can Buy Right Now

Canvas Furniture

When looked at directly from the front, these pieces of furniture look like canvas paintings. However, when you look closely at them it soon becomes clear that they are 3D pieces of art that can be sat in because of the fact that they have been carved into. This allows them to be hung on a wall as art and act as furniture all at once.

Cow Dresser

Who wouldn’t want a dresser for storing all sorts of things in the shape of a cow? Unfortunately, the unique shape means that much of the space is wasted as it isn’t used. Also available to carry on the theme of farm animals are smaller examples in the shape of a pig and a chicken.

Pig Couch

Although it is as big as a normal couch that would sit several people, this distinctive piece of furniture will probably only comfortably allow one person to use it. This is simply because of the fact so much of the material is used for creating a giant pig’s head and legs. So if you have some money to spend and want an overly elaborate yet odd chair then this could be the thing for you.

Cobra Seat

If there’s one thing that there is simply not enough of in the world it is chair’s in the shape of snakes and scorpions. Taking inspiration from deadly animals like a cobra, these pieces of furniture are as stylish as they are bizarre and would fit well in an evil lair.