20 Animated 90’s Shows That Shaped A Generation

The Rugrats (1990)

The Rugrats clan didn’t let being toddlers stop them from doing anything. The series showcased the youngsters’ wild imagination. It also showed that no matter how small you are, you can still do big things with a little teamwork.

The Animaniacs (1993)

This quirky show had plenty of innuendo jokes that probably went over your head until you were older. The Animaniacs had various skits from different kinds of characters, most were done in musicals and the show was all around hilarious.

Tiny Toon Adventures (1990)

The characters of Tiny Toon Adventures were considered to be the proteges of some well known Looney Tune characters. It showed these proteges learning how to be funny cartoon characters while attending Acme Looniversity.

Pinky And The Brain

Pinky And The Brain was a spinoff from The Animaniacs. The dynamic duo tried to takeover the world during the duration of the series. They, of course, failed every time.