16 Of The Highest Calorie Restaurant Meals

Restaurants often have a sneaky way of making normally healthy foods ridiculously high in calories. A salad that could be made at home with only a couple hundred calories suddenly has 3,000 calories in it at a restaurant, thanks to the rich dressing and other additions. Some restaurants completely own their high-calorie meals and turn them into drawing points for customers. Restaurants will advertise things like “The Biggest Burger You’ve Ever Eaten” and even reward that customer for finishing the gargantuan meal. Many people seek out these calorie-ridden treats and simply can’t avoid all the sweet or savory goodness they have to offer. Here are 16 restaurant meals with unimaginably high caloric content.

Bacon Mug

Bacon is a staple in many diets and creative cooks are constantly coming up with new ways to incorporate it into meals. One clever cook decide to make a mug out of bacon, biscuits, and cheese. It offers a whopping 2,400 calories and 158 grams of fat.

KFC Double Down

“Healthy eating” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you hear “KFC”. KFC’s Double Down sandwich is still shocking though, as it packs over 32 grams of fat and 1,430 milligrams of sodium. The actual caloric content is often disputed, but as it’s made of fried chicken, bacon, and cheese, it’s definitely not a low-calorie option.