15 Shocking Secret Employee Rules Disney Doesn’t Want You To Know

No Body Modifications

As you can probably imagine, body modification is not the kind of image Disney wants to promote. In the fictional universe, purity and virtue are placed on a much higher pedestal than sweet tattoos and piercings. Apparently the rules go so far as to state that even hidden piercings are not allowed to be plugged up temporarily while the staff member is on the clock.

Here’s a brief list of what Disneyland cast members are banned from having:

  • Visible tattoos
  • Body piercing (other than traditional ear piercings on women)
  • Brands
  • Tooth filing
  • Tongue piercing or splitting
  • Earlobe expansion
  • Skin implants

Actually, looking at that list it seems quite common for many companies to not allow staff to have any of the above. Some of these modifications look quite extreme even for more lenient employers. At least it’s good to know that you can have a tattoo on you somewhere, so long as it’s hidden from view.

Hair Styles

As we said before, image at Disneyland is of the utmost importance. The company has one hell of a reputation to uphold and it can only do so by making sure everyone strictly obeys the rules to the letter. Aside from the obvious things, such as not shaving a Mohawk into your hair and spraying it bright green, here is what men and women must abide by when hired as a cast member:


  • Hair must be cut neatly on the back and sides, not extending over the ears or shirt collar
  • Shaved heads are permitted, but not shaved eyebrows
  • Conservative braided styles are allowed, but with no beads or ornamentation. Braiding must be in straight rows and braided close to the scalp.
  • Hiding unacceptable hairstyles under a hat or tucking hair behind ears is not allowed


  • Hair should be neatly combed and put in a classic, easy-to-maintain style
  • If hair is longer than shoulder-length and falls forward over the face while working, it should be pulled back
  • Conservative braided hairstyles are allowed, also without beads or ornamentation
  • Shaving of the head or eyebrows is strictly prohibited