15 Hilarious Ways Babies Are Just Like Drunk People

The tears, the fights, the lack of awareness about any and all surroundings. Have you ever sat back and watched the way drunk people behave? From the range of emotions and crazy impulses to the situations they get themselves into, it’s often pretty entertaining (if not scary at times). What’s hilarious though, is how much babies have in common with them. After you read this list you might be convinced that babies are just miniature drunk people!

After A Bottle

You know how drunk people look after they’ve finished a bottle? Well babies look the same when they’re done with theirs. They’re all happy, and they want to finish their sentence, but they end up napping instead.

Everything Is Funny

A cat, a human, or anything for that matter, can be doing absolutely nothing except minding their own business. But, somehow it’s the funniest thing to a baby or a drunk person, providing hours of entertainment.

Mood Shifts

There’s no telling what you’ll get. Just like a drunk person, babies can be giggling and on top of the world one minute and and angry and irritated the next. Beware of the volatile mood swings!