15 Hilarious Ways Babies Are Just Like Drunk People

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The tears, the fights, the lack of awareness about any and all surroundings. Have you ever sat back and watched the way drunk people behave? From the range of emotions and crazy impulses to the situations they get themselves into, it’s often pretty entertaining (if not scary at times). What’s hilarious though, is how much babies have in common with them. After you read this list you might be convinced that babies are just miniature drunk people!

After A Bottle

You know how drunk people look after they’ve finished a bottle? Well babies look the same when they’re done with theirs. They’re all happy, and they want to finish their sentence, but they end up napping instead.

Everything Is Funny

A cat, a human, or anything for that matter, can be doing absolutely nothing except minding their own business. But, somehow it’s the funniest thing to a baby or a drunk person, providing hours of entertainment.

Mood Shifts

There’s no telling what you’ll get. Just like a drunk person, babies can be giggling and on top of the world one minute and and angry and irritated the next. Beware of the volatile mood swings!

Oh, the Places They’ll Go

You know how drunk people are unpredictable? One minute they’re in front of you and the next they’re gone. Babies are the same way and you never know where they’ll end up. And rest assured, when you find them (on a floor, on a bar top, in a coconut), they’ll look at you like you’re the crazy one.

Cry Easily

You know how drunk people cry easily? They can be reminiscing about their childhood best friend one minute and then their face schrivels up the next… followed by buckets of tears? Just like babies. Minus the reminiscing part.

That Was A Wall?

Wait, I didn’t see that! Yep, that’s usually what a drunk person thinks after bumping into a wall, or table, or well, basically any object or structure within a mile of them. And just like drunk people, babies seem to stumble, trip and wander into everything too.

They’re The Funniest Of Them All

Another thing babies and drunk people have in common is their ability to crack themselves up. You can leave them completely alone and they’ll find a way to do it. Seriously, no one in the world is funnier to them then themselves!

No Photos Please

People should not always be photographed, especially when they’re drunk. And the same can be said for babies. They don’t always feel like smiling and having a camera in their face. And just like drunk people, they’re not afraid to show their true feelings about it either.

Don’t Tell Them “No”

If you’ve ever been around a drunk person, then you know all too well that they do not like being told “no” by anyone! Babies are sort of like that too. Try anything and everything to avoid saying it since it will naturally lead to tears, flailing arms, and rage.

No Food

Just like drunk people, babies can’t be trusted with food. It will likely end up everywhere but in their mouth and you’ll be the one cleaning them up. Yes, keep them away from food.


You know how drunk people don’t process things very quickly, which leads to running into walls and missing their mouth, and that baffled, perplexed look on their face? Babies are just like them — sometimes the wheels need to turn for a while to understand what you mean and if they can’t, don’t worry. Just like drunk people it will be followed by tears, fits and flailing arms.

No Bathroom Please

Drunk people cannot be trusted in bathrooms and neither can babies. Who knows what they or the bathroom will look like when they emerge. Avoid at all costs.

Sleepy Time

Just like a drunk person, babies will fall asleep anywhere and while doing anything. Even sitting at a table trying to eat spaghetti. Remember that part about food?

Walking Is Hard

Walking seems like a very simple thing. But just like drunk people, babies usually struggle to stand and once they do, there’s no telling if they can get from point A to point B without banging into something, tripping or falling over.

The Thinker

Babies and drunk people can spend hours lost in their thoughts. Who knows what goes on in there, but it’s deep. Real deep. And once they’re done thinking deeply, it’s usually followed by tears or sleep.