14 Spectacular Locations For Sunset Gazing

If you are looking to chase the sun, these locations are perfect for the end of day sunset show. The sun paints a different picture each day as the blend of sun and clouds make a vibrant splash across the sky. The sun spotlights particular landmarks with a glow that is like no other. From the tropics of Tahiti to the mountaintop lake in the Alps, these tourist destinations are fabulous places to tour all day, but they will make a memory that you will never forget at sunset.

The Serengeti — One Of The Seven Natural Wonders Of Africa

Silhouetted at sunset, these giraffes are home in The Serengeti. The Serengeti is listed as one of Africa’s Seven Natural Wonders. No two sunsets are exactly alike, but they are guaranteed to be spectacular in Kenya and Tanzania.

Canal View Of Sunset In Amsterdam

There is nothing like the view from a canal in Amsterdam at sunset. The beauty is astounding and will bring out the romantic in you. There are a variety of opportunities for tourists who want to go cruising the canals.