12 Ridiculously Expensive Versions Of Every Day Items

We all like to be able to splurge every once in a while on certain items. Even when we go shopping for every day necessities, it’s nice to be able to choose a slightly more luxurious product over a supermarket brand. It doesn’t have to be too exquisite: a bottle of wine from the top of the shelf, quilted toilet paper, the good coffee that rich people drink in adverts. It’s the little luxuries we like to stretch to.

But sometimes that can be taken to its (illogical?) extreme. For example, in this article we show you that there are some every day items that are seemingly only around to make rich people feel even richer. The following list is presented in order of price from lowest to highest.

Carbon Fibre Toilet Seat ($249)

You might be fooled into thinking that if you’re going to splash out on an expensive toilet, the seat would probably be the least of your worries. But no. Here it is in all its glory, a toilet seat that costs more than a decent-sized TV.

Theodent Toothpaste ($300)