12 Celebrity Meltdowns We Will Never Forget

We all want to be rich and famous. The idea of being regarded and admired by everyone is a victory in itself. We all live in a society now on judging our own validation through what others say, so that does not come as a surprise in the view of anthropology.

Being exposed to the limelight early on has shown to have damaging effects, especially to child stars. It is probably difficult to live your life in front of the camera 24/7, in front of millions waiting for you to make the right (or wrong move). Fame and fortune may be good, but it can give one person the illusion that they are indestructible gods. Here are 12 of the biggest celebrity meltdowns we have experienced, where fame led to the celebrities’ own destruction.

From Disney Sweetheart to Jailbird

Lindsay Lohan was such a little sweetheart who grew up to be a rebellious jailbird. She is just another child star who lost her sanity to fame. She acted out, and has multiple records of DUI, rehab and prison time. Because of this, she lost several movie deal opportunities. Over the last five years she has spent most of her time behind bars, entangled with numerous legal problems.

The Amanda Show

Amanda was a sweet teenaged girl who had her own Nickelodeon show when she was 15. She was funny and perky with a good future ahead of her, but then she slipped to obscurity only to reappear in tabloids–for the wrong reasons.

She’s said a lot of strange things in Twitter, has been arrested a couple of times, and was then placed on psychiatric hold for setting fire to a home’s driveway in California.

Shia the Exhibitionist

The Transformers star has been doing a lot of crazy things lately. Public arrests, fights with his girlfriend, and finally his ‘motivational speech’, we are unsure on what Shia is trying to prove. Shia Labeouf, we love you, but please don’t do it.