10 Unique Skills And Talents That Are Actually Useless

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Imagine having a skill that no one else possessed in the world? Wouldn’t that be quite amazing? A lot of individuals are extremely gifted around the world, but only a few possess truly rare talents. Not all skills are useful though. Being able to endure large amounts of pain or having a photographic memory are examples of skills that anyone would love to have. This list is full of rare skills and talents that aren’t exactly useful and barely come handy despite being unique.

110 Decibels Burp

Paul Hunn can produce the world’s loudest burp. Despite it being a world record, it must actually be quite an annoying skill to possess.

Using Nose To Play Two Recorders

Claire Hawes was one of the most talked about performers on Britain’s Got Talent. She could actually play two recorders with her nose. Despite her producing great music with this skill, it actually looks pretty weird and isn’t exactly a skill Wonder Woman would be jealous about.

Squeezing Body Through A Tennis Racket

Captain Frodo is a professional contortionist which is pretty cool. His favorite trick, however, is squeezing his body through a tennis racket. It requires a lot of work but literally has no other uses.

Squirting Milk From Eyes

Have you ever wanted to squirt milk from your eyes? Did you even know it was possible? Apparently it is and Ilker Yilmaz can do it quite easily. Just stay clear of him whenever he has a glass of anything in his hands.

Super Eyelids

Having super-strength is awesome, but having super strong eyelids is something else altogether. Xie Zhongcai from China has such strong eyelids, that he can actually pull a car with them. Maybe the next time you are stuck and you need a tow, you will think of Xie.

Big Mouth

Most people use the term ‘big mouth’ as an insult. For Francisco Domingo Joaquim, it is actually a compliment. He has such a huge mouth, that he can fit an entire can of coke inside it.

Stretchy Skin

It is great to have skin that is low-maintenance. It must be quite strange to have skin that can be stretched over 6 inches. Garry Turner from UK, also known as the Stretchy Skin Man, possesses this rare ability. He can’t really do much else with the skin, but he can stretch it quite a lot.

Throw Up Anything

Xia Mei will never have to experience a hangover in his life. This is because he is one of the few people in the world who can pretty much throw up anything he has ingested. Ever wanted to get grossed out by a man regurgitating? Find Xia online.

Invincible Crotch

Don’t you just hate it when you get punched in the nuts? Yong Hsueh is the only person in the world who actually enjoys it when this happens, because he gets to tell you that he feels no pain in his crotch. For some reason, he has a crotch of steel and you can kick him how many ever times you want without hurting him. The only use I can think of for this ability is a modern stress buster for women.

Drawing A Perfect Circle

Alexander Overwijk can actually draw a perfect freehand circle in less than a second. The only thing that can beat his powers is a compass.