10 Strange And Creative Structures Built For Millionaires

When you are a millionaire, the world is your playground. You can chose to fight crime, or not even lift a finger, that comes down to you and no one call tell you otherwise. They say that corruption is the greatest symptom of excessive wealth, but millionaires can also be extremely creative. Some of them enjoy having the best gadgets in the world, while some find the need to visit every place worth visiting. For some of the richest people in the world, their home is a reflection of their personality and attitude, which is why they can go overboard in an attempt the have the right habitat. Here is a list of 10 insane-looking structures built for millionaires.

World’s Largest Log Cabin

A wealthy Russian gangster named Nikolai Sutyagin decided to build the world’s largest login cabin and then make it his home. Now that is a really bad idea when you are a gangster! Shouldn’t you keep it on the down-low?

Storybook Castle Gone Sour

Christopher Mark is the great-grandson of a Chicago steel tycoon. He used a portion of his inheritance to build a storybook-style castle for himself and his girlfriend, spending a whopping 45 million dollars on construction. Unfortunately his relationship with his girlfriend came to an end, which is why he decided to sell his castle soon after.