10 Shocking Ways Insects Have Been Used In Warfare

We’ve all been bitten by mosquitoes and stung by bees, but imagine if the mosquitoes were infected with Malaria or you were getting beehives thrown at you by your worst enemy. Warfare has changed over thousands of years, with the weapons and methods for devastating one’s enemy changing along with it. From beehives to scorpion grenades, there has been no shortage of ingenious, yet horrifying, ways people have come up with to slaughter their foes. Here is a list of 10 crazy ways insects have been used by governments and countries.

Scorpion Grenades

Around 2,000 years ago, the Roman emperor Septimus Severus had attempted to conquer Mesopotamia, taking with him an army of thousands of soldiers. However, whilst traveling through the desert, they came to find the desert fortress of Hatra, that kept them out by a giant fort with a five-mile defensive perimeter and a moat stuck in between 40-foot high walls. Inside the walls were King Barsamia and his people, who were not ready to let the Romans go through, so instead attacked. If throwing down hundreds of earthenware vessels with deadly scorpions didn’t kill them, we don’t know what did.

Bee Bombs

Catapulting beehives is always a way to keep your enemies at a distance, and the Roman’s used this to their advantage when attacking their enemies’ fortresses. Being stuck and terrified of what the bees were doing to them, the enemy forces became defenseless and would make as easy targets for Roman artillery and archers. When on the sea, the Romans would use specially designed clay jars filled with bees to throw at enemy ships, thus making some of the enemy sailors to jump into the sea and drown.