10 Reasons Why The US Requires Better Border Security

Whether you love or despise him, Donald Trump has brought up a lot of concerns over the safety and efficiency of our nation’s border security and immigration. These two topics are part of the forefront for his presidential campaign and debates. The US is famous for being a melting pot of different cultures and races, however, the main concern here is unregulated and illegal immigration causing social issues, threatening jobs and the economy, and overwhelming the entire nation. This is effectively threatening a way of life. When done right, immigration works. Here are ten reasons the US requires better border security.

Long and Vulnerable

The land borders within America are long and vulnerable. There are not enough officers to watch the entire area, which means illegal immigrants regularly sneak through into the country.

Increase In Vigilantism

The failure to effectively control and patrol the border means that vigilante groups have begun sprouting up. These well-armed individuals are taking border security into their own hands.