10 Photos Showing This Toddler Can Fly

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When Alan Lawrence found out that his son had Down Syndrome, he didn’t take it very well. Inspiration struck when he saw his son, Wil, crawling one day. He looked like he was about to take off flying. To promote Down Syndrome awareness and to inspire and empower families facing disabilities, Lawrence created a photo series showing his 18-month-old flying. Here are ten of the most amazing pictures. The rest can be seen on his Instagram account, thatdadblog.

Wouldn’t You Fly With That Landscape?

Wil flies in dreamland where it’s so pretty it can’t possibly be real.

Chickens Can’t Fly!

Chickens can’t fly but Wil can. Those chickens must be jealous.

Dreaming Of Cows

What do 18-month-olds dream about? Cows? Why not!

Going For A Run With Dad

While Dad has to keep both feet on the ground, Wil soars through the air. Flying must be easier than running!

Wil Says “I Can Get It, Mom!”

Taking a flying toddler to the grocery store can’t be easy, but at least he can be taught to grab stuff that Mom and Dad can’t reach.

“Woah, I Can Fly!”

Wil looks in the mirror in shock that he’s flying. He thought something didn’t feel right.

Now That’s Cheating!

Flying over the table as his brother and sister play ping-pong, he must be awfully distracting.

Brother Isn’t Paying Enough Attention To The Baby

Every toddler does what they can to get attention. Wil is tired of being ignored by his brother. One way to get attention is to poke him with a spoon.

A New Perspective

Wil floats with the bubbles, mimicking his siblings blowing on them.

It’s Just That Good!

This lunch must be so good, as Wil is floating while eating it. It’s either that, or Wil is doing a fly-by.