10 People With Extra Body Parts

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If something bad happens to you in the uterus, it could threaten your health for the rest of yours life. Sometimes it’s a genetic disease and it can’t be recognized at a first glance, but sometimes it’s more than that and it actually results in people growing extra body parts that they have to live with. It can get so ugly people have to live with their extra parts all the way into adulthood. We’ve found the ten strangest cases of extra body parts and gathered them in the list below!

Jayan Varma-White

Jayan Varma-White has been born with more teeth than needed. To make things worse, he then not only lost a first set of teeth a person normally loses as a kid but also the second set which you should have for life, leaving him with needing a prosthetic teeth. Talk about bad luck.

Dan Aziere

Dan Aziere from Danbury, Connecticut has a rare condition called hereditary multiple osteochondromas, which is a disease that causes a human body to grow additional bones alongside the usual 206 we all have in our bodies. Many surgeries after, Dan got rid of almost all of the 92 bones, but will never fully recover and lives his life in pain.

Brigham Nordstrom

If a person grows three or four of an organ which they should only have two of, it usually leads to quite an uncomfortable and painful life. However, Brigham Nordstrom from New Zealand topped everyone when he was diagnosed with having five kidneys. All of the were fully functional. He opted to keep them all as he had no health problems.

Bethany Jordan

Ivemark Syndrome is a syndrome that leads to problems so weird it is actually quite hard to believe they are real. A girl from England was born with her organs on the wrong side of her body, just like a mirror with two left lungs and astonishing five spleens. All of it led to the girl being given the nickname “Jigsaw Girl”.

Antonio Alfonseca

Antonio Alfonseca is widely known for having twelve fingers and twelve toes. The best part about his condition is his fingers are fully functional, even though they are small, which led him to be known as “The Octopus”.

Stelios Arcadiou

Stelios Arcadiou got the nickname Stelarc after he opted to get an extra part strictly for artistic reasons. The sixty-nine year-old from Australia decided to have an ear sculpted on his arm. Before that, he decided to put cameras in his lungs and even hung himself from hooks.

Sarah Reinfelder

Not many know that female embryos usually develop with two vaginas, uteruses and so on that always merge in the uterus while the fetus grows. However, in every three thousand people there’s one girl who still gets born with two uteruses. Sarah Reinfelder of Knoxville, TN had the most unusual case of this in 2009 when she discovered both her uteruses were functional.

Hazel Jones

Hazel Jones shared with the world her story of having two vaginas when she appeared on the British TV show Good Morning. She did it so she could spread awareness of her condition. Her condition led her to get multi million dollar offers to star in porn videos.

The Diphallic Guy

Although he decided to remains anonymous, in 2014 a guy became super famous for sharing that he has two fully functional penises on a popular site Reddit. It has allowed him a very active sex life. The condition he has only happens in one in every 5.5 million people.

Lakshmi Tatma

Lakshmi Tatma was born with four arms and legs in 2005 in India. In India she was treated as a goddess with extra limbs but in reality she turned out this way because of the parasitic twin that never fully merged with her embrio and prompted her body to grow more limbs than needed.