10 Of The Wackiest Lawsuits In History

Sometimes the only way to fight back is not with fists, but with words in the form of legal representation. When all else fails, file a lawsuit and wait in line. Judges must be prepared for the best, the worst and the weirdest every day they don the cape and apply the wig. These are ten of the most wacky and out there lawsuits ever devised. From humor to despair, disbelief to understanding, these emotions are all here in the article about the weirdest cases put forth by sometimes even weirder people. At least the judges will never run out of entertainment or something to talk about at the next family barbecue.

Over A Wave

When one surfer tried to steal his wave when he was in a better position to ride it, a California man decided to take his opponent to court. Apparently there was no way to put a dollar value on the “pain and suffering” over the loss of a once in a lifetime wave, so it was thrown out.

Cable Car

In 1964, a woman by the name of Gloria Sykes went on to bed over 50 men in a week. This promiscuous lady had her lawyers successfully argue that being in a cable car accident resulting in a black eye and some bruises resulted in her bizarre behavior. The Bay Area court decided that $50,000 was punishment enough for the “demonic sex urges” that the cable car gave her.