10 Of The Strangest Cephalopods Lurking In The Oceans

Cephalopods can be distinguished by their boneless body, serpent-like tentacles, sharpened beaks, and their massive eyeballs. These include squids and octopuses, of which there are hundreds, if not thousands, of different species in the world’s oceans today. These creatures tend to be appear a bit like horror creatures or something from a science fiction movie. Despite this, they are also fascinating. Here are ten of the strangest cephalopods that you’ll ever see, and hopefully we’ll never encounter these in person.

Pygmy Squid

The Pygmy Squid is one of the smallest cephalopods in the entire world, at just under an inch long in total. They live along the blades of sea grass, and tend to flit around as if they were an insect in the ocean.

Flapjack Octopuses

Flapjack Octopuses are a bit like a sheet ghost. They are smooth and have a saucer-like shape to their entire bodies, which makes them easily distinguishable from other species. It is unclear how they reproduce or what they eat, though.