10 Of The Strangest Beauty Pageants From Around The World

We imagine there are a lot of young women around the world who secretly wrote their pageant winner acceptance speeches long before the event even took place. For some odd reason, winning these pageants and contests is vitally important to a lot of women around the world – it gives them a sense of purpose and priority in an otherwise troubled and chaotic nation. There is a bit of a problem when it comes to a pageant, though, as many believe they are exploitative and bizarre. Well, those people don’t know the half of it. Here are ten most bizarre pageants contests go crazy over.

Miss Atom

Miss Atom sounds like the name of a horrible villain you may find in an old spy flick. In reality, it is a beauty pageant with a background focusing on the nuclear world. 340 young women represent hundreds of nuclear organizations throughout Eastern Europe.

Miss Plastic Surgery

Beijing, China, has become its own nation that is completely obsessed with beauty pageants and plastic surgery, and not always in that order. In 2004, the very first Miss Plastic Surgery combined those two loves. Contestants ranged in age from 17 to 62.