10 Of The Most Unique And Amazing Swimming Pools

Mankind has managed to achieve some amazing architectural and engineering feats. From man-made islands to enormous buildings, we’ve found a way to re-imagine the world around us and transform it into something extremely beautiful. And after all this work, we sometimes need to simply relax and enjoy a few moments of serenity. It’s not surprising that designers and engineers have also managed to create some of the most comforting and calming experiences as well, in the form of custom-built bodies of water we simply call pools. From a suspended swimming pool which features amazing views of whole cities, to creative in-house swimming pools, here are 10 of the most amazing pools in the world!

The Pool in Joule Hotel, Dallas

Extravagant and unusual, the pool of the Joule Hotel in Dallas is also one of the most creative pools in the world. Extruded out of the balconies of its building, the swimming pool is definitely amazing!

San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool in Chile

Currently being the largest swimming pool in the world, the San Alfonso del Mar Seawater Pool in Chile is as much as 3,323 feet long. Covering 20 acres and being as much as 11.5 feet in depth at its deepest point, the pool is also one of the few swimming pools to be entirely filled with sea water.