10 Of The Most Destructive Wildfires Ever Recorded

Wildfires are like the ninjas of the destructive world. They sneak up on people and can go unnoticed by almost everyone until it is too late. These massive fires tend to be triggered by lightning or an accident by irresponsible people playing with fire or camping. The fire spreads quickly, igniting trees, bushes, homes, destroying thousands of acres, killing people, and ruining entire environments. Throughout history, there have been some truly horrify wildfires. So, here are the ten most destructive fires that were ever recorded by mankind.

The 1921 Mari Wildfires

The wildfires within the Mari Autonomous Oblast, within the eastern portion of Russia, occurred in the summer of 1921. This wildfire burned thousands of acres of pine forest, killed thirty-five people, and one-thousand cattle. Sixty small villages were burnt to the ground.

The Wallow Fire

The Wallow Fire got its name from the Bear Wallow Wilderness area in eastern Arizona where the fire started. It was all started by an abandoned campfire in 2011, and encompassed 841 square miles. Despite being the largest fire in Arizona history, no one died but six-thousand people were evacuated.