10 Of The Most Common Myths About Sex

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There are so many misconceptions and stories being told about couples who are trying to get pregnant, and most of these myths are just plain ridiculous. We truly cannot believe some people actually believe what we’ve pulled together here, but they do. For some odd reason, there are people who still believe a mystical stork delivers a baby in a cloth basket. However, the simple act of making love is what will ensure a child is on the way. Here are ten of the most common myths about conception, and you probably believe a couple of these yourself.

Mountain Dew

It has long been said that drinking copious amounts of Mountain Dew will lower the sperm count in a man, more specifically it is thought to be the Yellow 5 food coloring. However, research has revealed this is actually false. Sperm production is untouched by the popular soda.

Two Condoms

There are many men who believe wearing not one, but two condoms at once is even better. Instead, two condoms increase the friction, which could lead to a rupture of both condoms at once. If you need a back-up, just one close by in case the one you’re wearing breaks.

Hot Tub

Spending some time in a hot tub is quite a bit of fun, but people believe having intercourse inside of a hot tub ensures you cannot get pregnant. For some reason, people think the heat and chlorine will kill the sperm, but this is not true whatsoever.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are an incredible exercise, but doing them after having sexual relations with your partner is not a means of birth control. The sperm will not simply fall out of your body, as they have already attached to your insides.


Some women tend to believe that using a douche to clean themselves out after having sex will remove the sperm. This is wrong, though. Most of the sperm will probably be pushed further into the vagina towards the cervix, closer to the egg than ever before.

Girl On Top

One popular belief says that if the woman is on the top position during sexual intercourse, then she cannot become pregnant, as the sperm will simply fall from the body instead. This is, again, completely wrong. Sperm is strong enough to swim upwards, and it isn’t exactly a straight passage.

Rhythm Method

The rhythm method is said to be a form of birth control that involves mapping out a woman’s monthly cycle. The thought process is that avoiding sex during ovulation days will avoid pregnancy altogether. You can still become pregnant on the off days, too.

First Time Sex

A lot of people believe that you are incapable of getting pregnant if you have never had sex before. As long as the woman has had her period, then she is capable of getting pregnant even during her first time. So be warned.

During Menstruation

There are a lot of couples out there who think having sex while on the female’s menstruation period will effectively cancel out any pregnancy. It is rare, but becoming pregnant is completely possible while she is on her period.

“Pull Out”

The “Pull Out” is definitely not effective. The myth is that if a man pulls out of the woman before ejaculation, he can avoid getting any sperm inside of her. Pre-ejaculatory fluid, however, has already seeped inside, which does contain sperm.