10 Of The Craziest Creatures On The Planet

There are a lot of species in the world that could be considered eccentric due to their unique abilities, appearance, or how they live in today’s world. When most people think of an eccentric creature, they usually think of a wild animal, such as a lion, monkey, or perhaps a jellyfish at the most extreme. As people, we have become accustomed to imagining wild animals as those we can view in a zoo or behind glass screens. However, we are ignorant, as there are some truly crazy animals out there. Here are ten purely eccentric creatures everyone should know about.

Sea Pig

Sea pigs are related to sea cucumbers, but they are actually animals. These little aquatic creatures have 10 tentacles that have stub-like appendages attached to each. They are not used for swimming, though, as they simply walk across the sea floor as a bottom feeder.

Yeti Crab

The yeti crab was only recently discovered back in 2005 by marine biologists. The small creature looks a tad like the mythical yeti, which gives them their name. The crab is covered in hair, and lives in the hydrothermal vents along the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.