10 Of The Best Publicity Stunts Of All-Time

Creating a memorable brand has become harder than ever in today’s world. With more companies popping up around the world every day, the need to go big has become more important than ever. This is why companies try to execute massive publicity stunts in order to gain attention and imprint their brand in the minds of the consumer. This list features 10 of the biggest publicity stunts of all-time. The success of the stunt is sometimes questionable, but there is no doubt that these stunts were truly memorable.

End Of The Whoppers

Burger King decided to scare their customers by claiming that they no longer made Whopper burgers. They recorded people’s reaction to this claim and managed to show off people’s love for their burgers.

Snapple Popsicle

Snapple attempted to get some media coverage by creating the world’s largest Popsicle in Union Square. Unfortunately, the temperature was a bit too high for this feat, and they ended up creating a 18 ton slush-sicle instead.