10 Natural Wonders You Need To See Before You Die

Traveling is often considered one of the most enriching hobbies an individual can partake in during their lifetime. The world is so massive and has so much to offer those who are willing to open their eyes and really take the time to explore. Those with a sense of adventure can take off on a plane and set their gaze upon some truly natural wonders that could be disappearing soon enough. The world is loaded to the breaking point with steel and concrete, which means land is a valued commodity that developers are purchasing by the billions. Here are ten natural wonders you need to witness before your death.

The Ancient Gondwana Rainforests of Australia

The large landmass known as Gondwana shifted to the south during the time of Pangea. This tropical, southern continent became known as Australia. Within the island nation, the Ancient Gonwana Rainforests remain standing strong. Even the oldest dinosaurs cannot predate this rainforest.

The Beagle Channel in South America

The Beagle Channel in South America served as a safe passageway for ships crossing between the Atlantic and Pacific for quite some time. Measuring 150 miles long, the channel is just eight miles at its widest, but offers spectacular views in all directions.