10 Incredibly Weird Looking Sharks You May Not Know Of

There are over 440 species of sharks in the entire world, and that is only counting what scientists have already found. There may be plenty more that people may not know of, especially down in the depths of the ocean where no one can quite explore as of right now. Some of these sharks that we do know of are already pretty odd looking, like the Hammerhead, but there are plenty more out there that will simply shock you with their appearance. Here are ten odd looking sharks to explore.

Japanese Wobbegong (Orectolobus japonicas)

The Japanese Wobbegong is a ray-like species with flaps of skins, known as barbels, hanging from the mouth. These enable the shark to taste and feel. The Wobbegong is located mostly within the Philippines, and is known as being an efficient hunter.

Megamouth Shark

Discovered in 1976, the Megamouth Shark has rarely been spotted by humankind. It is an extremely rare deep sea shark that gained its name from the giant mouth, which houses 50 rows of small hooked teeth.