10 Incredibly Insane And Unbelievable Survival Stories

With television shows like Survivor and Naked and Afraid, it’s easy to imagine just how difficult it might be to survive in the wild. However, what’s presented on television is not always the same as what real life survival situations are like. The people on these television shows never actually have their lives at risk, because they have camera crews, and support teams waiting in case anything goes wrong. In real life, people who are thrust into dangerous situations do not have that luxury. This list is a compilation of ten insane survival stories that actually inspire.

Hugh Glass

Hugh Glass was an American fur trapper in 1823, who surprised a grizzly bear and her cubs. Before Glass could reach his gun, the grizzly attacked him, leaving him with a broken leg, numerous cuts, and exposed ribs. His friends assumed he was dead once he lost consciousness, so they left him, but when he regained his consciousness, he crawled for two months until he reached safety.

Paul Templer

Paul Templer was a tour guide on an African river. The boat he was leading was nearly overturned by a bull hippo. One of the other tour guides fell into the water, so Templer attempted to save him. While he was doing so, the bull hippo swallowed his head. Even though Templer initially escaped, the hippo continued to maul him repeatedly, leaving him with broken ribs, a severed arm, and holes in his back and chest. He survived after surgery.