10 Hilarious Windscreen Messages That You Won’t Forget

With more and more cars joining the roads every year it also seems to be getting more frustrating going anywhere and expecting some common decency from your fellow drivers. With more lunatics and idiots than you can throw a stick at, and more morons taking up two parking spaces every day, some people have had enough. It is these fed up heroes that we are taking a look at today with ten brilliant windscreen messages that you won’t forget. So next time you see an idiot on the road, think back to this list and leave one of your own.

Toilet Break

When nature calls, you have no choice but to answer and suffer the consequences. It’s nice to see someone gave this guy a break and had a laugh at his expense.

Spiderman Neighborhood Watch

This is the most polite letter I have ever seen a villain of Spider-Man’s receive. Not that most of them receive many, they usually just get punched and tied up with some web.