10 Former Child Actors Who Lost It All

Any of us over the age of twenty probably grew up watching a wide variety of television series and movies that starred young actors. These child actors were our biggest stars at the time, and they were surely going someplace. Right? While some of our favorite actors made great careers, a lot of them failed to do so. While this list may only encompass a total of ten child actors who took a wrong turn somewhere in life, there are surely a lot, lot more out there who couldn’t handle the day-to-day of Hollywood for very long.

Corey Feldman

As a child actor known throughout the 80’s, Corey Feldman appeared in over 100 television commercials and 50 television series while he was young. Feldman was one of the coolest people around, starring in Gremlins, The Goonies, and more at the tender age of 13. Unfortunately, heroin entered his life, so he lost everything.

Lindsay Lohan

We all know Lindsay Lohan has been knocked down a peg or two since she starred in numerous movies since the age of 11. She spiraled downward in 2007 for cocaine possession and driving while intoxicated. Things have only worsened for her career, though.